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December 14, 2019

An Easy Way to Make an Online Shop

Shopping centers may still be visited by many people. But what about the sales system? In this digital era, people are now turning to online purchases. Shopping at an online shop is often considered more practical and cost effective. There are even many physical stores or offline shopping centers that also have a website as an online shop. Are you also interested in creating your own online shop? Here we will provide a complete guide for beginners so you can set up your own online shop!

Types of Medium for Making Online Shop

There are various mediums that you can use to build your store on the internet. We will give you various choices. You can weigh yourself which medium best suits your needs as a businessman. Here are the types!

1. Passing Selling Online through E-Commerce

You can ride on large e-Commerce that is already running. What are they? There are many actually, like, Tokopedia and Lazada. Regarding the method, basically all e-Commerce websites or websites are similar.

You only need to register with a Google account or register a new account via phone number or email. If you have registered, you can immediately start selling. The advantage is that the activity of hitching a ride is not too difficult to do.

But of course there are disadvantages. You don’t have complete control of your business. If for example the e-commerce platform where you are riding turns out to experience technical problems, you certainly cannot do anything but wait for the clarity of information from the e-Commerce party.

2. Sell online with social media

To sell on social media, you can use a regular account like your personal account. However, if you need special features on your sales account, please take advantage of a business or paid account offer.

On Instagram there is a Business Account option while on Facebook there is a Business Page. Regarding the method, please look for related references or go directly to the menu page in your account and follow the instructions.

3. Selling Your Own Online Through Personal Website

Now, to sell through a personal website, you need to do some of these things. First, you can set a platform that can be used. You can use a platform that is popularly used by people to sell, like Prestashop.

Your own website as the best choice

Why is the website itself the best choice in setting up an online shop? This is of course because current buyers have been smarter in shopping. By traveling on e-Commerce that is already running, you will be easily eliminated if you do not set a cheap price.

Why did this happen? because there is a filtering feature on the e-Commerce Web App in general, where users or prospective buyers can choose to display the list of products on the screen sorted from products at the cheapest prices.

This of course can be quite difficult to deal with. Especially if you are just starting a business. Your rating as a seller in e-Commerce also does not necessarily make the buyer sure to transact.

If you are a serious businessman who does not only want to sell, but also wants to grow your business in the long term, you should consider managing your own website.

Achieve User Trust with a Personal Website

By having your own website, with a unique domain unique to your brand, you will more easily gain the trust of users who can become your potential customers. Even now, users tend to ask “What is the website?” Or “There is a website?” When users see sales posts on Instagram or other social media.

Users tend to choose to transact from Web App that you manage compared to personal channels such as LINE and WhatsApp. Why did that happen? Smart users certainly know the risk of the threat of cyber crime that exists, such as fraud and others.

When they access your site, they will review the ease of navigation on your site, if your site’s appearance is interesting and convincing, they will try to transact. Then if the transaction runs smoothly, it is very possible for them to return to your site to see other products.

People prefer to transact through websites because they tend to be safer and easier to see various products according to available categories.

Pay Attention to Website Security

But there is more that you need to pay attention to. If you use unprofessional web hosting services, they cannot guarantee the security of your website. Website visitors or prospective customers can also find out from the “secure” label in front of the website address in the browser column.

They know the vulnerability of credit card identity theft and other threats that might occur if they transact through websites that are not “secure”.

This is the reason we prioritize security aspects in all of our web hosting services. IDwebhost is the best Indonesian web hosting. If you have entrusted your site to us, we are willing to help you 24/7 with friendly and responsive IT Customer Support (CS) services.

Tips for Increasingly Profitable Online Business

If you have your own website, you can optimize it so that it is easily found by internet users who are searching on the Google search engine. For this reason, you need to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. We have made a complete guide. You can learn more. Calm down, we make it in a language that is easy to understand and can be practiced immediately.


Are you ready to run your business and gain profit? Starting your own online business is very possible to do and not difficult to do. Take advantage of the convenience provided by existing technological developments.

Again, from our advice, make your website personal as the maximum business medium in this digital era. Direct internet users to your online shop in various ways that we have given above.

As a cheap hosting and domain provider in Indonesia, we are committed to helping the success of your online business. Good luck, good luck!

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