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December 14, 2019

5 tips for Google related tricks that can cause you to look like an expert

Technological developments Cameras implanted in today’s smarthphones have truly sophisticated cameras, the youthful use of the Camera on Smarthphone truly spoils its users even though new users, with their ease of use, can finish taking pictures directly edited according to the facility of camera edits that exist in the camera application of the smart phone smarthphone, and can be directly stored in the folder found in the smartphone’s storage folder.

Furthermore, if you are worried about risking losing all your photo data, if something happens to your device, you can save all your photo data on Google Photos online, which you can download through the Playstore application because Google Photos is one on between all the most important standard methods that every smartphone user does to make copies, share and take photo data. ( You can download Google Foto application through: IOS users, Android users

Here are 5 (five) features that you must set in the Google Photos application for better results :

1. Google Photos default settings.

before you start uploading photo data from your phone to Google Photos, To enter Google Photos settings, tap the triple line icon at the top left and tap Settings.

Please review your notification settings. By default, most applications seem to support a lot of notifications, and Google Photos are no different, this application even has 2 completely different layers :
– Notofocations that apply to all your Google Photo accounts, and
– Notifications that are specific to your device.

Be aware that many cellphones do not have a notification indicator on the front, so we don’t do anything to switch to the next notification.

How many notifications you want depends on how often you take pictures and how many people like to share photos with you. If you take pictures and share files, then you will want additional notifications so that you always know every development in your sharing file, then you need to activate these notifications and notifications that show the capacity to upload and download your shared files.

Account-wide notification settings on the left, device-specific settings on the right.

Another necessary setting is that the one that permits you to set media between your Google Photos account and your Google Drive account.By default, this can be disabled, as a result of the method will take hours if you have got tons of pictures and videos on Google Drive (You can download Google Drive application through: IOS users, Android users).

if you enable synchronization it will mix photos of your mobile camera with all the images you have on Google Drive, which can include background wallpapers, random photos that you find on the internet and decide to put them in your storage, so if you want to separate Camera rolls from a wider picture library, you might want to avoid synchronizing to Drive.

2. Manage free space on your device and Upload Files to the Google Photos Application

Taking photo files on your cellphone will not automatically place them in your Google Photos application Server Storage. For this reason, you need to open the settings in your Google Photos application, tap “Backup & Sync” and follow the instructions on the screen. After the camera storage on your mobile is coordinated with Storage on your Google Photo Server, your photos will be uploaded from your device to your Google Photos Server Storage.

You need to know that opening an application is required to activate the upload process on your Google Photos storage server. And if you see your Google Photos library in a web browser, but you don’t see your latest photos, that might be because you haven’t opened the Google Photos Application recently.

You can let this upload occur in the background when you use another application in the foreground, or when the screen is locked. If this process occurs when you have Google Photos open in a web browser, you must reload the page to see your newly synced images.

After you upload to the Google Photos Storage Server, you will now have a copy there and on your device. If you want storage capacity on your mobile, the application can identify duplicates on your cellphone and move them to the archive. Just enter the application settings again, and tap “Clear device storage.”

3. Navigate and manage your images with your Smartphone’s touch screen.

On a PC or Laptop PC, when moving photos you often use a mouse and keyboard, but what if you navigate and manage your Photo Files through your Smartphone ?

Through Smartphones, the Google Photos application pampers you with a variety of youth, choosing multiple images with the touch of your finger on the touch screen of your smartphone.

long press on a photo opens the selection option and inserts it in a folder, but you may not know that you can also select multiple images with a jerk motion, then without lifting your finger you can move to another photo you want to include.

To cancel the selection, you can just slide in the opposite direction. If you do this swipe vertically, it will also automatically select all images in a horizontal row. So, if you want to choose a large number of images, vertical swiping will be faster.

After you lift your finger from the screen, swiping this upside down will not let you select images one by one. However, you can tap each image not to select, and tapping “X” that appears in the upper left can cancel all selections at once.

4. Search for people, locations in your pictures or photos using Google’s artificial intelligence.

Google works hard to create applications that are able to detect various types of things in your pictures or photos, the application is Google Assistant. This allows you to find people, places and other things even when they are not mentioned in the description of the image or file. Maybe it’s not perfect, but Google’s artificial intelligence is designed to connect every person, place and other things.

Looking for a restaurant or place to eat? Look for the Culinary Place or Restaurant, for example, and the Google Assistant will try to find all uploads of photos containing Photo Culinary or Restaurant.

If you want to find photos of yourself and your trip, Google Assistant can help you in one way. Return to your settings, tap on “Group your own Face Photo yourself,” and tap Select to select the upload image that contains a clear description of your face, preferably directly to the camera. This application will offer a series of images that are believed to be found, and you can tap “None,” to search for other photos.

Activating this feature can communicate the identification of your face to the people listed in your Contacts application, to help them realize you in their own Google Photos collection.

5. How to get more storage space on Google Servers

By default, Google offers 15 gigabytes of storage (included in all your Gmail and Google Drive storage) so what if your data file meets the 15 Gigabytes quota ?

The problem is, the Google Photos application does not offer a direct path to exploit additional space for storage, even though Google Photos is basically part of the Google Drive Server.

So the only way to get more space, you can increase the storage capacity of your Google Photos from within the Google Drive or by logging in to Google Drive through your PC Computer or Laptop desktop application program, and clicking Storage in the left menu.

If you upgrade to a paid subscription, you can also share your Drive space with up to five other family members, and you will get access to premium technology support and the opportunity to get various promos from Google. Sharing space and technical support can be managed in the Google One.

Thus 5 (five) features that you must set in the Google Photos application for better results, hopefully it is useful for all.

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